Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Price Is No Longer A Factor" Says India Regarding Gold Imports

India's importation of gold continues to soar.  As per article, "Purchases were about 800 tons, compared to 557 tons in 2009."

Ajay Mitra, managing director for India and the Middle East at the producer-funded group, said "Price Is No Longer A Factor."

The article link is included below.

For those of us that view gold based on a "price" factor, maybe gold is being viewed the wrong way.  Gold is, itself, a currency.

If countries like India are buying up gold as quickly as possible, it makes you wonder what our beloved United States government is doing.  I have yet to see any indication that we are doing the same.

With gold levels at an all time high, that's a pretty bold statement.  Here in the United States, there's one of these on every corner.

Wouldn't it be interesting if the United States was secretly buying up all of these businesses and their inventory when these places sent their inventory to be melted?  I think that's wishful thinking at this point.  

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